Fabulous Friday

March 28, 2014

It is Friday and I love Fridays!  The grass is starting to turn green and there are red buds on the trees.  I love it.  I love to see the Spring arrive in all it’s glory.  It’s like I said before ….fresh beginnings….new things blossoming, starting anew, beauty all around.

Check out  Italy in the Spring……

 May Spring time be always in your heart!!



The Alps

So…..I just returned from a trip to the Swiss Alps…..and Lake Como. OMG it was amazing, such beauty everywhere.  I just wonder how it would be to live there.  The highways have the greatest views of the Swiss mountains.  For someone who loves nature as much as I do, I was in heaven.  Blue skys, white capped mountains, a swiss village here  a swiss village there, cows and sheep everywhere with bells on….how can you not like it.  Have you ever….really ever looked into a cows eyes up close?  Like really up close?  Well I did and they actually looked sad to me.  Maybe it was the large bell hanging around it’s neck.  The thing looked like it weighed 50 pounds…..no wonder he looked sad.  He was probably thinking would you please get the damn bell off  me.  I can’t even hide or sleep in peace I have this damn think ringing all the time.  HAhah

Chocolate cow....I hate my Bell!!
Chocolate cow
Check out my large bell!
Check out my large bell!