Start Living

Are you living in the present?  Really ?

Just think about it?  Do you feel alive?  Do you treasure each day?




Are you Creative?

Feb 26 15

Do you have a creative side that you haven’t tapped into yet?

Try doing something creative today….it really does wonders for your soul 🙂

Positive quote for the day:


Using my creative side…..changing the pic up a bit!!



Feb 24, 15

Greet the world with confidence today!!!!  See what happens!!

image  Only 25 more days until Spring!!!!


Happy Monday

Happy Monday!

As promised another POSITIVE THOUGHT for the day!!

I love this one because I love photography…..image


Sunday Morning Jazz

Feb 22 15

Happy Sunday!!

One of my favorite things to do is listen to jazz music on Sunday mornings.  When I lived in Connecticut there was this station there that had sunday morning jazz 9-12.   I LOVED IT…..and got totally hooked on it!!  SO when I moved here to St. Louis I searched for something like it….NO LUCK…..I have resorted to Pandora music where I can plug-in soft jazz……not the same but I’ll take it!

Sitting here relaxing with a cup of coffee listening to my music makes me happy 🙂   Funny thing when I go back to that area it still plays on Sundays……and I get so happy when I can hear it…..It is actually called SUNDAY MORNING JAZZ……so that is my title this morning.




Feeling good about life….I know it’s cold but so what this too shall pass…only 26 more days until spring.


Positive thoughts

Feb. 21, 2015

Who needs a positive thought daily?  I think every one could don’t you? So the other day I was at Starbucks with my friend and next door was the cutest place that just opened called Silver Lining…..OMG my new fave place.  It had work out wear, inspirational books, cute local artist jewelry, angel influences, and I connected with the owner right away.  This is a safe haven and I can even do yoga there.  SO I am excited …..even has Doreen Virtue books for those of you that know who she is.

Anyway I bought this cute jar there… has 365 poistive thoughts so every day I will post a thought and we all can contemplate on what is says all day.  I’m going to have fun with every positive thought.  It’s weird but I think that I am supposed to be aware of these thoughts… anything really random??  Ummm…..think about that 🙂

So I hope this Saturday is awesome for you and yours!!


ps….only 27 days until Spring!!






January 25, 2015


I had so much fun around the holidays with my sisters.  I have 5 of them 🙂  Lucky me right?  I spent time with 2 of them I and MO……any of course my only brother Rob!

So long story but I will shorten it.  We spent a wonderful weekend in Boston with the my family.  There are 10 of us including grandchildren….going to be 11 soon 🙂 We celebrated Christmas! We saw Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer at the Shubert Theatre and then had a nice dinner in a cozy restaurant nearby.  Then we taxied back to the hotel.  We shopped, rode on a horse and buggy and an oudside carousel, even though it was like 20 degrees out!!  Had a blast….drank hot chocolate and had lots of clam chowder.  Cant wait to do it again next year!!

Well on the last day we were ice skating at this cute little hand madeice skating rink at the Boston Harbor Hotel in downtown boston.  It is right on the water and it was pretty chilly but  so much fun!!!  The grandkids were skating for the first time…….and I was showing Beca how to skate backwards….NOW…..remember I grew up in MA ice skating all winters long.  ( well that was a long time ago)  I stopped and was just standing on the ice….and YIKES went down.  I fell down HARD on the right side of my body and landed right on my elbow.  The minute it happened I knew that I broke it.  I walked over to Bruce and said I know it is broken…..I wanted to cry…. I wanted to scream ……and I wanted to rewind what had just happened. I did not want to seem too upset because then my grandkids would be upset.  SO I put on a brave face. 

Holding onto my right arm we head to the hotel room because Bruce and Beca were going to be heading to the airport in 2 hours. SO…… I had to decide quickly if I was going to stay on my planned trip ( I was supposed to go to my sisters and my other sister was going to joins us and we were to have a 2 days together)....and I had been looking forward to this for a while now.  Plus I was going to see my brother on cape cod and look at what was going on with the house we are doing over AND I wanted to check on my Mom even if I just saw her briefly.

 Do I go ….or do I stay??  Makes me think of that song….Should I stay or should I go now ……SO what did I decide?

Pain or no pain…..I picked up my rental car and headed to my sisters.

I arrive at her front door. My sister opens it…..NOW THIS IS SISTER LOVE.… “I am here AND I MAY HAVE A BROKEN ARM”  I say  She just starts laughing….”NO WAY”……and I said “YES WAY!!!  I have to see my sistas :)”    I tell her that we may just have to make a pit stop during our shopping day tomorrow to go to a walk in health center to get an xray….and possibly a sling…to hold my broken elbow…because by now my hand is all swollen and I cannot feel it too well and I cannot bend my elbow. 

It was all good though because I was with my sister !! I sat on the sofa she got me some ice for my arm and for the next few hours we caught up and all we did was laugh……her husband made some home-made chicken soup….yum I was in the right place…..Some pics

 FullSizeRender-19MO  I  and ME



Feeling festive …….We bought the hats at Walgreens while waiting for my pain meds…..WE ARE CrAzY!!!!




I WAS PRETENDING TO BE SAD…….Yup it was fractured!  Closed fracture of the right radius.  Found out no surgery needed…..just sling for a while.  You can see my hand a little how swollen it was!




My Brother was hard at work on building a new deck on the home we are refurbishing and we stopped by to say hello and to make him laugh!!  We love to tease our ONLY brother !!





I love Boston!!

Hello January!!

January, 21, 2015

It’s a pretty warm January here in the midwest.  Going to be like 50 degrees today.  Sunny, warm weather where I can talk a walk out in nature……what else could I ask for right now in the middle of winter?  It makes me think less of wanting a house somewhere warm to escape to just BECAUSE. The winter months are my least favorite of the seasons…everything is so blaaaahhh.  Except of course for the christmas season….always so pretty.

Except for this January……I am awaiting the birth of my fourth grandchild. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂  I am totally beside myself with love and anticipation.  I mean really I never even thought of a life as a grandmother.  I think when we are busy in our 30’s and 40’s raising our kids…..we never really think of what our lives will be like when they are gone, flown from the nest and living their own lives.  Simply freaking amazing that’s what I think.  I cannot wait to hear his name for the first time…..another love in my life.  I feel so blessed!!  I am at my most happiest when I am around my children and my grandkids. I just feel at peace and right where I should be.  Kids are great they say what they feel and don’t hold back.  I see myself through their eyes and let me tell you it’s pretty cool to be called NONA.  Gotta stay young and hip for these guys for sure haha!

So today this empty nester slept until 9 am…..chilled with my dogs this morning, talked to my sister and brother on the phone smiled and laughed (they always do that to me), going out soon to meet up with a friend and then who knows what?  I am grateful to be alive and well and will see what the day brings me!!  No matter what it’s all good!!  Enjoy……Live…..Love…..laugh……like there is no tomorrow….

OH yeah….check out Molly this morning ……FullSizeRender-13


xo S

New Year

2015 you are here…..Now what?


I always feel so much excitement when a new year starts. So much optimism, and thoughts of anything is possible. So what do I have in store for this year? What do you have in store?

One never knows right? I do know that I am having a new grand baby in a week or so and I am so freaking excited. A little boy still without a name and I can’t wait until I hear his name for the first time. A new member of the family….now makes a table for 11 please. I am so proud of the lives that my grown children have made for themselves….there is nothing more comforting or rewarding than seeing you little ones the same ones that you held hands with and skipped along the sidewalk with grow into real people.
Now I get the pleasure and joy of seeing and loving their offspring…..OMG nothing like being a grandmother. JOY JOY JOY

So back to 2015….um….
I want to have my book published this year…..Would love to see it happen in 6-8 months. I am working pretty hard on it. I would love to take a brief time and head to Martha’s vineyard to finish it up. There is something about the water and the fresh air that brings me peace and comfort…….and I found the cutest B&B …Charles and Charles it’s called and I would stay there of course. It’s a great place even has a tree swing and bicycles to use. OMG going back to my childhood!!!!! I am always more reflective there than any other place that I know of. I must have lived there before Haha….maybe in another life : ) Working on my book has been such an emotional ride and I have to take a lot of breaks……but that’s ok have to get the thoughts and words out. Very cathartic on a different level.

A couple of family members will be getting married this year….which should be FUN….. I will be able to spend time with my sisters and brother….which I LOVE!!
~ I want to travel with my sisters and laugh more
~ I want to continue to be healthy
~ Yoga weekly
Beca will be finishing her second year in college, My dog Molly will turn 9 yikes…..I dont’ want her to age


I want to continue to live in a safe supportive environment with my hubby, to enjoy the little things and to be ever-present in my life!

I am always surprised by the beauty that surrounds me and my life!!