The birds are singing!

March 16 15

The birds are singing outside my bedroom window and I cannot sleep.  It’s a good thing!  I get out of bed head to the kitchen and make some coffee.  I sit down in my living room with my mug looking out at my backyard and just listen.  Music to my ears 🙂  Spring is in 4 days and life is anew once again. 

Spring is right around the corner here in the midwest!  And…… Springs here are simply gorgeous.  Botanical Garden get ready I want to visit soon !! Growing up in the northeast I think we always got cheated when it came to Spring because it always came so late and then left so quickly. There is definitely something about the Spring time that brings out excitement in me.  I don’t know if it is the beauty of trees budding or the warm weather that makes it special for me.  Like I said….I  can’t sleep.  Well that could also be my hormones…..but let’s just say its the Spring, the early morning sunshine time that’s making me excited….. I like that better. hahah

I was outside yesterday all day in 73 degree weather.  I even cleaned my two bird feeders….never did that before.  The birds will be happy today when I fill them. I do want to keep my birds happy after all so they will continue to sing for me …..and make me happy!

I hope for my family in MA that they too shall start to feel the warmth and excitement that I feel here in the midwest.  Spring is arriving!  Yeah!!

SO….the positive thought for today is:  Replace fear with curiosity.

Um….I’m going to have to really ponder on that one today.  Just last night I was finishing up a scene from my childhood that I was writing for my book.  Yikes … was all about fear…..and how my dad used to wake us up all the time in the middle of the night. Sometime I think I was born afraid.  Well……I will save that for the book.  



March 15 15

My positive quote for the day happens to be two today.  Because when I reached into my cute little jar these two were stuck together….SO yup you know what that means.  I was intended to have them both.  SO for you……. Ponder on both of these.

Have Faith……and do things in life today in a different uncommon way!  It will be FUN !!


Just Smile

March 13 15

Somethings just naturally end….they run their course.  But in each experience we Do learn something about ourselves and others…..that we can forever hold on to ……and SMILE 🙂

So ironic that I picked this quote out of my jar today.  I let go of something this week that was hard to do but I needed to do for ME!  Every event, every moment, and every person we meet in this life of ours means something….treasure your life!!



Action or Patience

March 11 15

What will it be today……action or patience?  Can you have both and be productive?  So my positive quote for the day is:

Some days call for action, some for patience.

Ponder on that 🙂

9 more days until Spring!!!!!!!  I woke up this morning to the sounds of birds singing….oh how I have missed that!

Have a super day!!


Be that person…..cheer someone up!

March 9 15

Happy Monday !  Are you still sleepy from the lost hour of sleep?  I love that it is lighter now after dinner…one of my favorite times of day, early evening and dusk.  The best time to take photos outside for sure!

imageMy positive thought for the day …….





This is your life!!!!

This is it people …… Our life!

Life is what you make it ….. So make it a good one …. Don’t wait ….. Use the good stuff, do the things you always wanted to do … Don’t wait !!

Live …. Love ….. And laugh today !!image



Hello from Chicago!


Make It A Good Day!

March 4 15

Snowing here in the Midwest….but this shall pass soon I just know it.  SPRING is around the corner!  Make it a good day … present in what you do.  Make memories 🙂




A State of Mind


Feb 2 15

What is your state of mind these days?  Do you know that happiness IS a STATE of MIND?

Another positive quote for the day:



March 2 15

Happy March!!

Yup …..Spring is approaching!  You gotta just believe!  We are 6 days away from getting some more light at night time….yeah I love the early evenings!!  AND we are 18 days away from the first day of Spring……Even though my whole family is in the Boston area with piles of snow everywhere….just keep reminding yourselves THAT THIS TOO SHALL PASS!!!!!

So Dreams…..they do come true!!  I am proof of that.   I never thought my life would be like it is.  I am lucky, grateful and in love with life.  You should too!  So Dream Big……Why not? DREAMS DO COME TRUE!!!

Check out the pic….you can tell I’m looking forward to Spring….I am starting to buy some Spring items….cute scarf and flowers I purchased at my new Fav store in Wildwood…….Called Milk and Honey! #Ilovemilkandhoney #gettingreadyforspring

imageXO -S