Inspiring People

January 8, 2014

Have you ever been in a room with over 300 happy, inspiring women??  I HAVE !!

I just went to an event sponsored by the company I represent and WOW….It was powerful!!  It is crazy to think of what 300 powerful thinking- beautiful women-inside and out, women who want to change other peoples lives-one woman at a time-inspirational-trusting God-living the dream of helping others-treating others like you want to be treated-empowering-NON judgmental -and did I say HAPPY women can AND DO accomplish.

WOW …..I was there dancing…yup I said dancing.  I remember the events I would attend as a Nurse, seminars that were supposed to be empowering and inspirational.  BUT they actually were not.  Not like this anyway….I always couldn’t wait to get the heck out of there….It felt so much like WORK….Heavy if you know what I mean.  At these events, when there is a break in the action…..Music starts to play and people get up and start dancing and no one is judging you…..AMAZING RIGHT?? I think so too!  🙂

SO for me today….( I told you I was feeling reflective)  this year is going to be about how I can help other women accomplish what they only dreamed about.  I want to talk to victims of domestic violence, women recently diagnosed with breast cancer….And let them know there is life on the other side.  I DO know that for sure!!

Women empowering other women is something I am striving for…..

More to come!!!!

The weather ouside is frightful!!

January 6, 2014

I woke up this morning and it was -7 degrees….YUP- and that was WITHOUT the wind factor.  I actually think this was the coldest day that I can remember.  I know FOR SURE it is the coldest day in St. Louis in like 50 years.  I have been here 6 years and it’s never been this cold.  Sounds like it isn’t just St. Louis experiencing this Artic Blast, but also other parts of the country. 

 Did you know that I love the weather, or should I say the dynamics behind what makes us have the weather we do?  My children like to joke with me all the time and say that I should have been a Meteorologist.  I am always talking about the weather, I give weather updates, and look ahead a few days and also talk about that.  Weird right??   Maybe I should have been a Meteorologist…I think it would be interesting. 


 I love the clouds in the sky.  It is not unusual for me to stop my car and take pictures of the sky.  I especially love the big white puffy clouds.  I used to be afraid to fly and now I love it.  I like a window seat so I can look out the window and see all the different types of clouds.  I always say to myself that I should go home and do some research and see what type these clouds were that I am looking at.  To see a sunset while up in the air is amazing!  I’ve seen storms, lightening, rainbows, tiny bright stars, sunrises, sunsets, snow, ice, rain, smog, fog…um what else?

Storm over Chicago
Storm over Chicago


IMG_1892SO -going back to the cold weather here today, what do you think is causing this crazy cold?  Might be interesting to take Meteorology 101……now that would be fun!






Artic Blast

Jan 5, 2014

Wow……it is snowing like crazy here.  Very unusual for the Midwest.  So far there is at least 10 inches of the bright white fluffy stuff on the ground.  I am used to snow …no big deal!!  I grew up in the snow.  I am from Massachusetts and ( I am going to sound old ) and we used to walk 2 miles in a blizzard to get to school. We would sled, ice skate and play in the snow all winter.  In the Spring when the degrees finally hits the mid 30’s the kids want to wear shorts to school….no kidding!  

But- what is coming tomorrow is low..low..temperatures.  AN ARTIC BLAST !!!  I am talking a high of -2 and the low -10…..AND that is without the wind chill factor…….BRR….double BRR……I don’t think anyone can get used to that. We haven’t seen that type of cold in like 50 years.  I know I don’t plan og going out!

SO……little bird was supposed to go back to College today and her flight was cancelled.  I was not surprised when I woke up this morning and looked outside.  There were snow drifts everywhere.  I get 2 more days with my baby bird home….and I am excited.  I just hung out with her all day today, we watched a movie, had some hot chocolate and of course my favorite for snowstorm days…..Grilled Cheese and Tomato soup. I really wasn’t ready for her to go back to school because this semester will be a tough and long one for her, with only a week break from Jan – June.  It looks like I have to go through separation anxiety all over again and get used to being alone…..AGAIN.   I will have to fiqure out the difference between lonely and being alone.  Better get some appointments of my books 🙂

Pray for the people that do not have heat or warm cozy homes on this very cold Sunday in January.

New Year

Wow……It is 2014!!  

Happy New Year! 

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!

Here’s my wishes for the New Year:  First of all I need to say how I cannot believe it is the year 2014.  I feel like I am living in George Jetson’s world.  Who knows maybe next year I will have a robot cleaning lady.  I love to I-chat with my family and friends, to see their faces in real time.  It makes me miss them more and I feel so lucky to be able to do it.  It is quite funny to do with my grandchildren because i love to watch them run around.  Not like hugging in real person but close to it. Thank you George Jetson 🙂  I used to dream of being able to do this when I was small…..Wow it’s happening.  Technology is crazy …can’t wait to see where it takes us in just 5 years.  

So here are my hopes and wishes for this year:  Give or take a few…..this is what is currently on my mind…..

Love for those do not know what that feels like, little children being to sleep at night with no fear…..OK OK…little too much….too global here.  

More personal…….Good health, cancer free, regular yoga practice, love in abundance, play time with my grandbabies, wisdom from my children, laughter with my sisters and brother, “in the present” time with friends, a book with my name on it as author, volunteer at a domestic violence shelter, run a 5 k and then another one, vacation time with Bruce, reflection time daily, peacefulness & calmness always…… and much laughter!  Oh yeah house hunting with my bro, beach time for serenity, walks in nature, a positive attitude, success in my business ventures, a photo of mine winning a contest or being published…..and enjoying every moment that I am here and in the moment!  To Love and be Loved!

I sure hope that was not too deep……xoxo


I am feeling so much better…… The flu came and went with only a lingering cough left.  I still sound like a smoker when I laugh.  Let’s hope this totally goes away and doesn’t turn into bronchitis or something.  So….yesterday the weather here in St. Louis was 62 degrees.  I ventured out with my sidekick Bruce and we went looking at cars.  His lease is up in like 3 days and he has been trying to figure out what to do with a new car. He loves what he drives now and is thinking of just staying with that and buying it out.  But there is the temptation of that new car smell, the excitement of driving something different.  After all I think life is TOO SHORT to have a boring car.

Does that make me sound materialistic?  I don’ think so ….cause if anyone knows me…… knows that I am not materialistic.  But seriously I like cars.  I have been leasing cars for about 15 years now and I love the fact that I get a new car every 3-4 years.  I love the reliability of the newness.  I never have to worry about repairs, etc.  There was a time in my life while I was in my 20’s that I never had a reliable car.  I remember when I was pregnant with my son and my first born was a little over 2, it was a ver hot summer day and my crappy car broke down on my way home from the pediatrician’a office.  I promised myself right then and there…..that someday if I could afford it I would never have a shiddy car again.  I am so grateful !

Back to Bruce……he keeps going back and forth on what he wants to do but I am sure he will figure it out and it will all be good…….I did remind home this morning that LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO DRIVE A BORING CAR !

because I do really believe that…….I love the sport mode on my car and use it often 🙂

Post Christmas Blues

December 26, 2013

Post Christmas blues… that what I’m feeling today or am I still recovering from the flu?  I think it’s both 🙁

So much anticipation and energy put toward the big day, there is no wonder there is a little let down after the day has passed. The presents are still under the tree, the house is a little messy, laundry needs to be done…..but so what.  I was on the sofa today watching movies with Beca my baby bird, because I can and because she is home. Even the 2 dogs are sleepy today.  Tomorrow will be another day that I can get up and accomplish “something”  today I revel in the stillness of my last born as she naps next to me.

I remember back when my kids were small and one of them would be sick . I love the coziness feeling of being curled up with a sick child bcause you ” have to”  I think it’s lifes way of saying “slow down”  revel in the moments. I have aways loved that feeling of not having to be any where else, all cozied up in the house , just taking care of my little one.  Brings me back to the Mother bird thing.  You can never escape the warmth cosy feeling of that nest.  

I always feel sad when I can’t be with the rest of my family for special occasions like this, makes me feel a little lonely.  I find myself and reminiscing on the days when my kids were younger.  Christmas time is sooooo different when you have little children, and it should be. You get to relive your whole childhood over again through their eyes. Even if your childhood wasn’t that great and you dont want to remember it, you can change it through your children. 

 I will be reflecting on the moments that occurred in 2013 in what is left of the year.   With much excitment and anticipation I will be ready to welcome in 2014 very soon!


Merry Christmas!

Today is a very special day of love, giving, receiving and new beginnings.

May everyone feel safe and warm tonight

Revel in the season!!

Merry Christmas Eve !

Merry Christmas Eve from my home to yours.   May your night be filled with Love and Joy !


Getting ready to settle down with a hot choc and some gingerbread cookies.  Cold here in the MW …..  20 degrees.  Just picked up Beca from the airport just arrived home from MA.   Praying for a family that just lost their home around the corner from us to a huge fire.  All are Ok but so sad.

My Little bird home for the Holidays!!
My Little bird home for the Holidays!!

I am grateful for where I am in my life, my health, the love of family and friends.  Be safe this wonderful eve…..enjoy the love and warmth of those around you !!

Down for the count

December 23, 2013

The Flu has HIT ME!!  

I was down for the count……I couldn’t even get up from the supine position  just 2 days ago. It came on so sudden.  I was fine one minute, felt a little something in my chest,  it was late, so I went to bed not thinking much of it.  When I awoke it was a different story.  You see……

I just returned from a Christmas trip to Massachusetts  which involved an air flight  3 days ago.   Seems like just the right amount of time for a virus to brew.   UM……Could it just be a coincidence?   Those inconsiderate people on the plane, you know the ones.  They seemed to have never been taught proper manners.  I’m talking basic things like covering your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough.  One of those crazy people must have given it to me.   Seems like  GERMS  were flying everywhere!  

THEN….. There’s the flu shot thing.  I texted Bruce in the morning after he had left for work:

ME      ” I think I have the flu”

B          Didn’t you get the flu shot?

ME      NOPE

B       Your’e kidding me right?  Why Not?  

My conversation with my mother went the same way.

I always love these kinds of questions because if I am not already feeling bad enough …..I for sure do now, because I brought this on myself ….By not getting a flu shot.

OK …all right so ….It seems like I should have gotten a flu shot ….

I’m a Nurse …I know the importance of a flu shot, but I just kept putting it off. 

Oh yeah – I’m talking fever, chills and my head felt like a bowling ball with an elephant sitting on top of it.  I need some Tamiflu ….medicine that will lessen this.  If I feel  like this now…OMG how is the next two days going to be.  You know those days are always the worst. I google and find out I need it in the first 48 hours, wasn’t quite sure about that.  Picking up the pone to call the DR. because it has been 20 hours by this point.  It’s a Friday afternoon, Bruce is on call & very busy will probably not make it home tonight.  It’s just me and the animals. I’m on my own. I NEED SOME TAMIFLU

Drs office call was frustrating, NO Rx given out over the phone, without being seen. They don’t even want to have a conversation with you to find out any other information.  I am  SO FRUSTRATED at these medical practices that never seem to look or act outside of the box.  I was too weak to drive, office is 1/2 hour away, & I will spread all my germs everywhere.  Don’t they care about that??

LSS  ( Long story short )  the perks of having a Dr. in the family. Bruce talked to emergency room doc and got a Rx  for some tamiflu…only thing is I have to go to the drug store to pick it up. I think I will take a nap and when I wake up, I will tackle that. I coat up, with my pjs & slippers on and make the short ride to the drug store.

OMG …..I look like crap!  I am so sooo pale.  Better remember to take my VIT. D when I get better   

SO ……Here’s to modern medicine and advances in healthcare and Here’s to sweet dreams and to getting back on top…oh yeah and I think I might research purchasing one of this tiny little air filters that hang around your neck while you fly.  I’ve seen them in travel magazines and are supposed to filter out bad air.  Might be worth a try!

Be careful out there from all of those coughing, sneezing people.

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

December 20, 2013

I just had a great time visiting my family on the East Coast for an early Christmas.  Let me tell you there is nothing like Christmas time in New England.  I ventured out to the beach and took some photo shots, going to try to submit for a photo contest.  It snowed a number of days while I was there.  This brought back so many fond memories of sledding and ice skating as a young girl.

I grew up in the same house for the 18 years I lived there.  I loved that house so much, I would always draw pictures of it as a child.  It was pretty crowded with 7 kids and my Mom and Dad.  SO many good Christmas memories there 🙂

If you have ever had frostbite you will never forget the feeling.  We had a skating rink across the street from our home and I would be skating there for the whole winter with my sisters ad brother. I loved skating…..and still do.  I am not a fan of inside artificial skating rinks.  It’s just not the same as a small pond or outside rink.

So I remember this one day I somehow lost one boot and I walked home with just a sock on one foot.  Seems like my skates were filled with snow and I must have thought that was the better option. YUP…. That was PRETTY  painful.  By the time I arrived home I couldn’t feel my right foot. My Mom started to thaw it out.  One thing you never do is immerse the foot in hot water.  It has to thaw in a gradual way. She used warm blankets and I felt tortured until in was thawed. Holy crap was that PAINFUL……I still remember the pain.

So….. After our family Christmas celebration, I headed 2 hours west to CAPE COD, MA which is on the shore.  I love this part of MA, my mom lives here.  A couple of my sisters leave close by and my only brother.  I did some Christmas shopping in a quaint little town, with my sister and my Mom.  Pretty chilly, it was a balmy 12 degrees. ……But who cared.   Stopped in a candy store and got a chocolate fix.  My fav is dark chocolate.  I had a yummy chocolate candy with coconut.  We also bought nonpareils, those small little chocolates the size of a quarter with little white dots all over them……those are my moms favorites.  She used to buy these candies and try to hide them from us….Yup 7 children.  I quickly figured out her hiding space, as I am sure that my my siblings had also.  I got to like them back then – SO no wonder they are also one of my favorite today.  Probably because I think of my Mom when I eat them.  Even bought her some back from my recent trip to Switzerland.  I worry about my Mom she’s slowing down a bit.  She is 81 and very healthy, walks everyday….But I still worry.

Its time to head back home and I have to catch a flight 2 hours away, I head out early, because of the snow predictions.  I make a brief stop at Mashpee Commons, one of my fav places on the Cape.  I wanted to stop in Vineyard Vines to get a couple of things, and I needed a double espresso drink for the road. Double Carmel macchiatto.  I bought some flannel pajamas for myself for Christmas…( yes everyone should do that) and a few other gifts.

It started snowing about 1/2 into my trip.  My the time I reached the the car rental place, the back of my car was fishtailing. Pretty bad conditions, plows and sanders all over the road.  New England people do not mess around…they are on it!!

These are funny….I am so weird 🙂



SO……..I’m here sitting on the plane looking out the window as the snow blows in circles.  It is 14 degrees out and an hour has passed by. I have a window seat and notice the snow is accumulating on the wing.  Their must be a couple of inches at least. Here comes the ice truck, going to de-ice the plane.  ALRIGHT I think, WE SHOULD BE ON OUR WAY SOON!  I fly frequently but have never flown in this kid of weather.  Yikes-I’m getting a little worried. It is still snowing it looks like there is close to ZERO visibility ….I sure hope this pilot knows how to drive this big machine in the snow.

I’m sitting next to a nice dressed man, probably in his 50’s and he looks like he is getting anxious, we share an awkward look as we both look out the window. The plane starts to move OK HERE WE GO-Nope…..No such luck the de-icing starts again.  UM….I start to think that maybe I will not get home tonight. I was really looking forward to watching the taped final episode of HOMELAND….My fav TV show.

We’re moving-we start taxiing the runway.  I see 6 plows.  We have been cleared for departure, 2nd in line for takeoff. Pray for me 🙂

A little rough, but we are above the clouds….Yahoo!

Here’s to clear sailing!!