Inspiring People

January 8, 2014

Have you ever been in a room with over 300 happy, inspiring women??  I HAVE !!

I just went to an event sponsored by the company I represent and WOW….It was powerful!!  It is crazy to think of what 300 powerful thinking- beautiful women-inside and out, women who want to change other peoples lives-one woman at a time-inspirational-trusting God-living the dream of helping others-treating others like you want to be treated-empowering-NON judgmental -and did I say HAPPY women can AND DO accomplish.

WOW …..I was there dancing…yup I said dancing.  I remember the events I would attend as a Nurse, seminars that were supposed to be empowering and inspirational.  BUT they actually were not.  Not like this anyway….I always couldn’t wait to get the heck out of there….It felt so much like WORK….Heavy if you know what I mean.  At these events, when there is a break in the action…..Music starts to play and people get up and start dancing and no one is judging you…..AMAZING RIGHT?? I think so too!  🙂

SO for me today….( I told you I was feeling reflective)  this year is going to be about how I can help other women accomplish what they only dreamed about.  I want to talk to victims of domestic violence, women recently diagnosed with breast cancer….And let them know there is life on the other side.  I DO know that for sure!!

Women empowering other women is something I am striving for…..

More to come!!!!

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