Artic Blast

Jan 5, 2014

Wow……it is snowing like crazy here.  Very unusual for the Midwest.  So far there is at least 10 inches of the bright white fluffy stuff on the ground.  I am used to snow …no big deal!!  I grew up in the snow.  I am from Massachusetts and ( I am going to sound old ) and we used to walk 2 miles in a blizzard to get to school. We would sled, ice skate and play in the snow all winter.  In the Spring when the degrees finally hits the mid 30’s the kids want to wear shorts to school….no kidding!  

But- what is coming tomorrow is low..low..temperatures.  AN ARTIC BLAST !!!  I am talking a high of -2 and the low -10…..AND that is without the wind chill factor…….BRR….double BRR……I don’t think anyone can get used to that. We haven’t seen that type of cold in like 50 years.  I know I don’t plan og going out!

SO……little bird was supposed to go back to College today and her flight was cancelled.  I was not surprised when I woke up this morning and looked outside.  There were snow drifts everywhere.  I get 2 more days with my baby bird home….and I am excited.  I just hung out with her all day today, we watched a movie, had some hot chocolate and of course my favorite for snowstorm days…..Grilled Cheese and Tomato soup. I really wasn’t ready for her to go back to school because this semester will be a tough and long one for her, with only a week break from Jan – June.  It looks like I have to go through separation anxiety all over again and get used to being alone…..AGAIN.   I will have to fiqure out the difference between lonely and being alone.  Better get some appointments of my books 🙂

Pray for the people that do not have heat or warm cozy homes on this very cold Sunday in January.

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