New Year

Wow……It is 2014!!  

Happy New Year! 

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!

Here’s my wishes for the New Year:  First of all I need to say how I cannot believe it is the year 2014.  I feel like I am living in George Jetson’s world.  Who knows maybe next year I will have a robot cleaning lady.  I love to I-chat with my family and friends, to see their faces in real time.  It makes me miss them more and I feel so lucky to be able to do it.  It is quite funny to do with my grandchildren because i love to watch them run around.  Not like hugging in real person but close to it. Thank you George Jetson 🙂  I used to dream of being able to do this when I was small…..Wow it’s happening.  Technology is crazy …can’t wait to see where it takes us in just 5 years.  

So here are my hopes and wishes for this year:  Give or take a few…..this is what is currently on my mind…..

Love for those do not know what that feels like, little children being to sleep at night with no fear…..OK OK…little too much….too global here.  

More personal…….Good health, cancer free, regular yoga practice, love in abundance, play time with my grandbabies, wisdom from my children, laughter with my sisters and brother, “in the present” time with friends, a book with my name on it as author, volunteer at a domestic violence shelter, run a 5 k and then another one, vacation time with Bruce, reflection time daily, peacefulness & calmness always…… and much laughter!  Oh yeah house hunting with my bro, beach time for serenity, walks in nature, a positive attitude, success in my business ventures, a photo of mine winning a contest or being published…..and enjoying every moment that I am here and in the moment!  To Love and be Loved!

I sure hope that was not too deep……xoxo

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