Post Christmas Blues

December 26, 2013

Post Christmas blues… that what I’m feeling today or am I still recovering from the flu?  I think it’s both 🙁

So much anticipation and energy put toward the big day, there is no wonder there is a little let down after the day has passed. The presents are still under the tree, the house is a little messy, laundry needs to be done…..but so what.  I was on the sofa today watching movies with Beca my baby bird, because I can and because she is home. Even the 2 dogs are sleepy today.  Tomorrow will be another day that I can get up and accomplish “something”  today I revel in the stillness of my last born as she naps next to me.

I remember back when my kids were small and one of them would be sick . I love the coziness feeling of being curled up with a sick child bcause you ” have to”  I think it’s lifes way of saying “slow down”  revel in the moments. I have aways loved that feeling of not having to be any where else, all cozied up in the house , just taking care of my little one.  Brings me back to the Mother bird thing.  You can never escape the warmth cosy feeling of that nest.  

I always feel sad when I can’t be with the rest of my family for special occasions like this, makes me feel a little lonely.  I find myself and reminiscing on the days when my kids were younger.  Christmas time is sooooo different when you have little children, and it should be. You get to relive your whole childhood over again through their eyes. Even if your childhood wasn’t that great and you dont want to remember it, you can change it through your children. 

 I will be reflecting on the moments that occurred in 2013 in what is left of the year.   With much excitment and anticipation I will be ready to welcome in 2014 very soon!


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