Down for the count

December 23, 2013

The Flu has HIT ME!!  

I was down for the count……I couldn’t even get up from the supine position  just 2 days ago. It came on so sudden.  I was fine one minute, felt a little something in my chest,  it was late, so I went to bed not thinking much of it.  When I awoke it was a different story.  You see……

I just returned from a Christmas trip to Massachusetts  which involved an air flight  3 days ago.   Seems like just the right amount of time for a virus to brew.   UM……Could it just be a coincidence?   Those inconsiderate people on the plane, you know the ones.  They seemed to have never been taught proper manners.  I’m talking basic things like covering your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough.  One of those crazy people must have given it to me.   Seems like  GERMS  were flying everywhere!  

THEN….. There’s the flu shot thing.  I texted Bruce in the morning after he had left for work:

ME      ” I think I have the flu”

B          Didn’t you get the flu shot?

ME      NOPE

B       Your’e kidding me right?  Why Not?  

My conversation with my mother went the same way.

I always love these kinds of questions because if I am not already feeling bad enough …..I for sure do now, because I brought this on myself ….By not getting a flu shot.

OK …all right so ….It seems like I should have gotten a flu shot ….

I’m a Nurse …I know the importance of a flu shot, but I just kept putting it off. 

Oh yeah – I’m talking fever, chills and my head felt like a bowling ball with an elephant sitting on top of it.  I need some Tamiflu ….medicine that will lessen this.  If I feel  like this now…OMG how is the next two days going to be.  You know those days are always the worst. I google and find out I need it in the first 48 hours, wasn’t quite sure about that.  Picking up the pone to call the DR. because it has been 20 hours by this point.  It’s a Friday afternoon, Bruce is on call & very busy will probably not make it home tonight.  It’s just me and the animals. I’m on my own. I NEED SOME TAMIFLU

Drs office call was frustrating, NO Rx given out over the phone, without being seen. They don’t even want to have a conversation with you to find out any other information.  I am  SO FRUSTRATED at these medical practices that never seem to look or act outside of the box.  I was too weak to drive, office is 1/2 hour away, & I will spread all my germs everywhere.  Don’t they care about that??

LSS  ( Long story short )  the perks of having a Dr. in the family. Bruce talked to emergency room doc and got a Rx  for some tamiflu…only thing is I have to go to the drug store to pick it up. I think I will take a nap and when I wake up, I will tackle that. I coat up, with my pjs & slippers on and make the short ride to the drug store.

OMG …..I look like crap!  I am so sooo pale.  Better remember to take my VIT. D when I get better   

SO ……Here’s to modern medicine and advances in healthcare and Here’s to sweet dreams and to getting back on top…oh yeah and I think I might research purchasing one of this tiny little air filters that hang around your neck while you fly.  I’ve seen them in travel magazines and are supposed to filter out bad air.  Might be worth a try!

Be careful out there from all of those coughing, sneezing people.

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