Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

December 20, 2013

I just had a great time visiting my family on the East Coast for an early Christmas.  Let me tell you there is nothing like Christmas time in New England.  I ventured out to the beach and took some photo shots, going to try to submit for a photo contest.  It snowed a number of days while I was there.  This brought back so many fond memories of sledding and ice skating as a young girl.

I grew up in the same house for the 18 years I lived there.  I loved that house so much, I would always draw pictures of it as a child.  It was pretty crowded with 7 kids and my Mom and Dad.  SO many good Christmas memories there 🙂

If you have ever had frostbite you will never forget the feeling.  We had a skating rink across the street from our home and I would be skating there for the whole winter with my sisters ad brother. I loved skating…..and still do.  I am not a fan of inside artificial skating rinks.  It’s just not the same as a small pond or outside rink.

So I remember this one day I somehow lost one boot and I walked home with just a sock on one foot.  Seems like my skates were filled with snow and I must have thought that was the better option. YUP…. That was PRETTY  painful.  By the time I arrived home I couldn’t feel my right foot. My Mom started to thaw it out.  One thing you never do is immerse the foot in hot water.  It has to thaw in a gradual way. She used warm blankets and I felt tortured until in was thawed. Holy crap was that PAINFUL……I still remember the pain.

So….. After our family Christmas celebration, I headed 2 hours west to CAPE COD, MA which is on the shore.  I love this part of MA, my mom lives here.  A couple of my sisters leave close by and my only brother.  I did some Christmas shopping in a quaint little town, with my sister and my Mom.  Pretty chilly, it was a balmy 12 degrees. ……But who cared.   Stopped in a candy store and got a chocolate fix.  My fav is dark chocolate.  I had a yummy chocolate candy with coconut.  We also bought nonpareils, those small little chocolates the size of a quarter with little white dots all over them……those are my moms favorites.  She used to buy these candies and try to hide them from us….Yup 7 children.  I quickly figured out her hiding space, as I am sure that my my siblings had also.  I got to like them back then – SO no wonder they are also one of my favorite today.  Probably because I think of my Mom when I eat them.  Even bought her some back from my recent trip to Switzerland.  I worry about my Mom she’s slowing down a bit.  She is 81 and very healthy, walks everyday….But I still worry.

Its time to head back home and I have to catch a flight 2 hours away, I head out early, because of the snow predictions.  I make a brief stop at Mashpee Commons, one of my fav places on the Cape.  I wanted to stop in Vineyard Vines to get a couple of things, and I needed a double espresso drink for the road. Double Carmel macchiatto.  I bought some flannel pajamas for myself for Christmas…( yes everyone should do that) and a few other gifts.

It started snowing about 1/2 into my trip.  My the time I reached the the car rental place, the back of my car was fishtailing. Pretty bad conditions, plows and sanders all over the road.  New England people do not mess around…they are on it!!

These are funny….I am so weird 🙂



SO……..I’m here sitting on the plane looking out the window as the snow blows in circles.  It is 14 degrees out and an hour has passed by. I have a window seat and notice the snow is accumulating on the wing.  Their must be a couple of inches at least. Here comes the ice truck, going to de-ice the plane.  ALRIGHT I think, WE SHOULD BE ON OUR WAY SOON!  I fly frequently but have never flown in this kid of weather.  Yikes-I’m getting a little worried. It is still snowing it looks like there is close to ZERO visibility ….I sure hope this pilot knows how to drive this big machine in the snow.

I’m sitting next to a nice dressed man, probably in his 50’s and he looks like he is getting anxious, we share an awkward look as we both look out the window. The plane starts to move OK HERE WE GO-Nope…..No such luck the de-icing starts again.  UM….I start to think that maybe I will not get home tonight. I was really looking forward to watching the taped final episode of HOMELAND….My fav TV show.

We’re moving-we start taxiing the runway.  I see 6 plows.  We have been cleared for departure, 2nd in line for takeoff. Pray for me 🙂

A little rough, but we are above the clouds….Yahoo!

Here’s to clear sailing!!


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