It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

December 19, 2013

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas in the Morris household:

~ Christmas lights on the home, colored not white like the rest of the neighborhood …have to be different ūüôā

~  Wreaths on side and front door

~ ¬†REAL (sorry….really do not understand the artificial thing) Christmas tree with white lights. ¬†This year we went for a large one. ¬†I had to get on a ladder to string the lights.

~ ¬†This year no tinsel …too messy

~ ¬† Planter at back door with dirt still in it from the fall. ¬†Put a wreath put on top and then the hole that’s left open is filled with a holly bouquet, added a bow ……..Voila ¬†pretty container that took maybe 1 whole minute to do ( so easy)


~ ¬†Nativity scene of course. ¬†Every year I say I need to add a piece every year, but never actually end up doing that……This year will be different, I need some animals. ¬†Gotta get a camel.

~ ¬†2 pretty light up trees at the front door. ¬†The only bummer is that you have to turn off and on. ¬† Too lazy to hook up timer…Um…..should think about that. ¬†It’s pretty cold when you go out there in the morning in your PJ’s to shut off.

Р I just love reindeer and moose!


Colored lights make me happy!
Colored lights make me happy!
11 ft.  maybe more
11 ft. maybe more




I love, love, love sheep
I love, love, love sheep

Tis the season to be jolly….Fa la la la la la la la ……la.

Enjoy the decorating, get in the mood, another Christmas season is upon us.  Time to celebrate Life, Love and Happiness!

Time to give back, Love those around you, keep your loved ones close, and remember those less fortunate than us !!

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