Spring is in the Air

March 2017

OK…so it may not really feel like Spring, but in my head it is….and really that is all that matters, right? What our thoughts are! How we perceive life!

Spring brings joy, new beginnings. It symbolizes new life and rebirth. The grass will soon be turning green,the nights are getting longer, I am hearing the birds sing in my backyard and I am looking for my first robin. I will also be celebrating two of my children’s births. Which is probably the most important of all.

Being a mother has given me the chance to give life to another human being…Wow….That’s freaking amazing when you really think about it.  Right? Making a human being! I mean really how does that happen? So much to make…in just nine months. Being a mother has also given me the chance to experience unconditional love, to receive love and to give it. Now…what is more important than love?

Life is precious, every moment, every day, I just want to stand still and never let is slip away.

Enjoy your moments….they matter!! and oh yeah…Happy Spring!!


2 Replies to “Spring is in the Air”

  1. I love your post. Everything from being ready for Spring to the beauty of being a mom. The grass is green and the daffodils have already bloomed here in the Midwest. I want to come visit you and Bruce and see Spring unfold all over again. The photos are beautiful, so are you. Miss you!

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