Right Time Right Place

Tomorrow is December 1. Another 31 days to plan and fill up the calendar. This next month is going to be exciting for so many reasons. But first let’s talk about November.

I started out the month getting disappointed that I would not be able to move into my new house until the second week in December. Oh well…I don’t stress about the things I have no control over. I can’t make the builders finish. So..Ok I accepted that. Now that I am closer I decided to take the opportunity to visit my Mom on the Cape for the week. I drove there on a Sunday. On Monday, those of you that know me, know that I love Mashpee Commons. We went there on Monday, a record-breaking day on the Cape in December. 64 degrees. We walked, we window shopped, we bought a sweater for my dog Molly, bought some christmas presents and stopped at Starbucks. A great day!

Tuesday morning lying in the spare bedroom in my Mom’s house I heard…”Oh my god” in a soft concerning tone. I jumped out of bed, ran down the stairs where my mother was sitting on the sofa holding onto an empty bottle of Tide. (I still don’t know why she had that bottle of Tide in her hand…. she must have just come up from doing a wash in the basement.)   I took one look at her colorless face her and sat next to her as she put her head on my shoulders. As a nurse I asked her all the appropriate questions….pain anywhere else? etc……She hadn’t eaten so we tried orange juice. No change. She had a little back pain, her heart rate was  racing, then settled down. Off to the hospital we went.

After spending 10 hours in the ER my Mom was admitted for observation. The labs that show ? any type of cardiac episode were elevated. She had no other symptoms but she looked wiped out. Her lab levels elevated even more, no pain or discomfort from my mom. After all the appropriate testing and 2 nights in the hospital, it looked liked my mom had an infarction of some sort. The cute cardiologist that my mom immediately loved (haha) was unsure why. They changed her BP medicine, what she was taking was too high of a dose. Perhaps that played into it?

Dealing with some family members during this time was very difficult and harder for me in trying to make sure my Mom was getting the appropriate care. I know my nurse friends know what I’m talking about

Her labs settled down and left Hyannis Hospital ( btw….which was great) Still weak my mom went to my sister’s house because she no longer wants to be alone and we don’t want her to be. She remains there today.

Her strength is back, she’s getting back to “her” normal and is looking forward to coming to stay with Bruce and I for the holidays in our new house.

I am so grateful that I was there that Tuesday morning, that my 84 y.o. mom didn’t have anything major happen to her and for my sisters and brother for being there with me. My mom’s story isn’t finished yet and we plan on taking care of her like she did for us. As long as she needs us.

For the difficult family members, I have chosen to not react, because everyone knows you can’t change another’s behavior, and anyway that takes away from the real issue of taking care of “Mom”. I am sure that are many families that go through the same thing.

So…..YES, I was in the right place at the right time…but I don’t believe in coincidences….someone intervened and I am forever grateful.







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