Meet Molly
Meet Molly

August 15, 2016

I am sitting here on my sofa, a rainy day, kinda gloomy listening to my dog Molly snore. Yup you heard me right… dog is snoring so loud that the little black and white kitty named Ellie that my daughter brought home a while ago is looking at me like…..what the heck is that noise? I seriously have never heard a dog snore so loud.

Molly is my baby… it’s hard for me to watch her get old. A cute blenheim colored Cavalier King Charles that was born in Ireland and came to me 11 years ago. We are both getting older and the aging thing is happening way too fast. Can I just hop off this fast moving train just for a minute… catch up. I know I can’t set it in reverse, but I want to savor my life right now…..just for an extra minute.


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