Oct 7 2015

Hello there

I had to look at my phone this morning for the date.  I think that is great, not worried about what day or what time it is today, because you know what it doesn’t matter ….only right here and right now matter.

Ok …… maybe that’s a bit much for you right now but if you think about it …..IT REALLY IS about the here and now and what we do with it.

Today I continue to write ..write…and write…yup still working on my memoir and if anyone tells you that writing is easy …they are CrAzY.

Journaling is easy…I just dump the words on the page but writing a book for others to read is quite different.  I want my soul, my voice to come out on the page and that’s hard work. Finding words to match how I feel on the inside is introspective to say the least. And I LOVE IT. I love to write!

I am chilling in the adirondack mountains today. My mind, body and soul crave the natural beauty and peacefulness. Great place to write and contemplate life.


So sorry about my site not being up to date….working on changing the format…..I will be posting at least once every week….probably Fridays….I always love that the weekend comes right after. I can share with parts of my book and your comments will help me as I carry on.

what do you think of my author name ?

s frances morris

Ciao for now….


Comments encouraged!