Hello world!

Hello World!!!  

SO…….THIS IS MY BLOG It has been a long time in the making…..actually didn’t take that long to create with the help of Amanda Carlisle ( Amandacarlislededign)….she pulled all of my thoughts together and created this page. I want my blog to be lighthearted, fun, and inspiring to read.  I find myself with so many thoughts throughout the day…..and now I have a place to share them.  

I am a recent empty nester….( I really do not like that term)  althought when you think about it I do refer to my 3 children as little birdies.  I have been known to say that my job as a mother is much like a mother bird.  We teach our children ( baby birds ) how to fly in this crazy world.  So to know that we have succeeded our baby birds need to fly from the nest and discover their own world. It is not our job to keep them safe and sound under our wings in the nest ( although that’s what I would have preferred ) How hard it is now to have the nest empty and now to myself……it’s no wonder that I am feeling lost .

I’m sure I will find my way…it will be exciting to share my new adventures with you all!!

Welcome to my blog.   I am soooo looking forwarding to sharing about life, love , and the pursuit of happiness ….and of course other things.

Comments encouraged!