Hi….. My name is Sue 

 I have been writing (mostly journaling) since my early twenties, wrote for my college newspaper and took courses in journalism. Then out of a necessity to raise my two young children at the time I entered nursing school and that became my career until about four years ago. Most of my nursing career focused on women’s health, going from a labor delivery nurse to a Supervisor in a Family Life Center that focused on birthing in a comfortable home environment, then a Patient Services Manager of the Post Partum units at Yale New Haven Hospital, and lastly, the Director of Women’s Services at a community hospital in St. Louis Mo. 

I kept journaling and woke up often at 5 am to just put the thoughts to paper. I wrote poems. My writing had a theme. I kept feeling like I had a message to tell. The nudging would not go away. I resigned from my Director of Nursing job and starting writing on a regular basis.

My first book was to be an inspirational book for breast cancer survivors, since I had just survived breast cancer myself and endured painful surgery, chemo, and radiation. But then something happened. I attended a memoir writing workshop in the Fall of 2014 and it changed my life. We were asked during the workshop to create a “memory list” to begin to chart the memories. I filled up two pages. Memories that have been in my head for over forty years. So much was bottled up inside me, things that I had kept hidden for so long. I just kept writing. 

I realized that I loved to write and that I had a lot to say. Writing is definitely not journal writing, although that sure can be very cathartic. As a writer, I had the opportunity to reflect on my experiences and to process the meaning and lessons I learned from the chaos of my earlier life. Hence the memoir “The Sensitive One,”  a healing memoir, a story of courage, survival, believing in yourself and transformation.

I am passionate about women’s rights and feel the need to speak up about  domestic violence and society, along with alcoholism and mental illness and the effects of both on families.   Writing is in my blood. I love pens, paper, journals……. and get so excited, like a little kid when I enter a book store. Marriage for me was right the second time around and have been married for twenty-five years. I have 3 grown children and 4 grand babies.

I love to travel ( just got back from a trip from Holland to Switzerland). I like to work out with weights, walk, bike,yoga, just about anything to keep my body moving. I love photography and creating inspirational jewelry. My creative side needs to feed often or else I get grumpy. 

I am passionate about life!  Just eight years ago I had to think of my own mortality and at times I didn’t like what I saw and at other times I had to accept the lessons I was about to learn. I am still writing.

Oh…….And……I love coffee, most days it’s an Espresso Day…a double please!


SAY cheese!
SAY cheese! Tasting cheese fondue in Switzerland

                 I love to travel and share my many photos… I am passionate about life and I hope it shows!

I'm on top of the world!!
I’m on top of the world!!


Cool hat!!
Cool hat!!


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